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Amazon Introduced Alexa’s Male Counterpart Ziggy

The virtual assistant Alexa is now getting a male counterpart named Ziggy. It is for the first time that the voice-based assistant of Amazon has a male voice since the launch of Alexa in 2014. Earlier, Amazon experimented the same with words like Echo, computer, and Amazon. However, the wake words voice remained the same feminine voice as Alexa. Now the Amazon’s Alexa has a masculine voice that goes with the premium celebrity option, but the default will be the feminine sounding assistant.

After so many years, Amazon finally added the alternative masculine voice. The clear diction and smooth tone of voice sound like a radio host. Apple and Google have been offering multiple voice options for Siri and Google Assistant. Moreover, Apple stopped keeping the feminine voice as the default option for the assistant. But finally, Amazon is also taking the leap. It offers few celebrity voices like Shaquille O’Neal, Samuel L. Jackson, and Melissa McCarthy. But all these voices cost $5 each. These voices can be programmed to work with particular phrases and to answer selected questions like jokes, alarms, weather reports, etc.

Changing Alexa’s Voice

Amazon is going to offer users the option to quickly change between Alexa’s voice and Ziggy’s voice. Users just have to request the voice assistants for voice change. However, the smart devices of Amazon, like Amazon Echo speakers, which have built-in Alexa voice, will need the command ‘change your voice’ from the users. If it gets successful, then users will listen from the new voice, and if it fails, Alexa will reply ‘sorry.’

After listening to the commands, the device will switch its voice to Ziggy. In addition, users can go to the Alexa app Settings menu and change the voice of the speaker. For using a celebrity voice, the users have to command Alexa to introduce them to the celebrity name. It will switch to the voice of the celebrity, and the charge of the voice will be given to your Amazon account. The standard voice of Alexa will still be available if people use the Alexa wake word.

Besides Amazon, Google and Apple also provide support for different voice options for their virtual assistants. Notably, Amazon introduced a male voice counterpart for its virtual assistant as many parents of girls having the name Alexa urged to change its name due to bullying faced by them for having the same name.


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