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HomenewsTokyo 2020: Two Athletes Test Covid-19 Positive in Olympic village

Tokyo 2020: Two Athletes Test Covid-19 Positive in Olympic village

Tokyo Olympics organizers on July 18 reported three positive cases of Covid-19 among the athletes. An unnamed athlete was also tested after the athletes arrived in Tokyo, and the result was positive. The residents in Olympic village are getting Covid-19 positive, and the cases are surging. Furthermore, it was notified that the unnamed athlete was not living in the village. The cases were revealed after one unidentified person became the first athlete to test positive in the Olympic Village, which will house many competitors during the Olympic Games.

The organizers on July 17 reported that the first Covid-19 case at the village of athletes and 14 other new cases are linked to the Games, which will begin on July 23. This raises doubts over the promise of a secure and safe event. Ten new cases in Japan are connected to the Games, confirmed Tokyo 2020. An International Olympic Committee South Korean member has also tested positive for the deadly coronavirus after the arrival in Tokyo. The member has been isolated.  The Olympics gold winner in Table Tennis in 2004, Ryu Seung-min, has also been diagnosed with the coronavirus after the athlete landed at Narita International Airport.

Ryu said he tested negative two times before coming to Japan. Earlier, the 2020 Games was postponed due to the pandemic, and now it is held without any spectators while strict rules are followed.

What Happens After Athletes Test Positive?

The International Olympic Committee or IOC published the Sport-Specific Regulations that specify the steps that will be taken if an athlete gets Covid-19 positive after the Games begin on July 23. Every athlete and team member who is forced to pull out due to testing Covid-19 positive will not be termed as disqualified. Instead of that, the athletes will be termed as DNS or did not start. The athletes will be tested regularly. For single-day events, all athletes require to test negative from the morning.

For most events that will go for multiple days, the players who get positive results will be replaced. If an athlete goes to the final but tests positive, then that person will be replaced with the next highest-ranked athlete. In events like badminton, tennis, and boxing, if a player gets Covid-19 positive, then the opponent will be sent off, and in such cases, there will be no replacement. In the finals, if someone gets positive, then the players will receive a silver medal, and the opponent player will get the gold medal.


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