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Haiti President Jovenel Moise Killed During an Attack at His Home

Jovenel Moise, the Haiti President, was assassinated in his private residence, and his wife was wounded on July 7, announced the interim Prime Minister. The act is a risk for further destabilization of the Caribbean nation troubled by the political volatility and gang violence. Claude Joseph, the acting Prime Minister and now in charge of the nation, has urged the public to stay calm and insisted the police, as well as the army for ensuring public safety.

Joseph said that the President was killed at his residence by some foreigners who spoke Spanish and English. The assault took place at around 1.00 am (EDT), and the President’s wife was hospitalized. The President had ruled Haiti by decree after the elections in 2018. In Haiti, the political crisis is quite evident, and several cases of kidnappings for ransomware are also seen. This reflects the increased influence of armed gangs inside the Caribbean nation. Moreover, the country also faces recurrent natural disasters and poverty.

The President had faced steep opposition from a large number of people who considered his mandate illegitimate. In four years, he had churned through seven prime ministers. Recently, Joseph was going to be replaced after three months of continuing in the post. Haiti was going to have a constitutional referendum in the month of September after it was postponed twice due to the pandemic.

The US has condemned the assassination as horrific and has said to assist any help in the investigation. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that they would help the people of Haiti and the government as well.

Multiple Crises

The former entrepreneur Jovenel Moise set up numerous businesses in the north of Haiti from where he hails. He started his political career in 2017 with a promise of re-building the impoverished country. Moise maintained that his presidential term remains till 2022, but others claimed that it has already ended on February 7, 2021. Such disagreement has stemmed as Moise election votes were canceled for fraud. Then he was re-elected after a year.

The country declined further into the crisis without a parliament in 2020. This led Moise to govern by decree, and it fuelled the increasing mistrust upon him. Europe, United States, and United Nations Security Council had called for transparent legislative and presidential elections. The elections are going to be held towards the end of 2021.


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