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Google Chrome Will Keep You Away from Unsafe Websites

Google is recently working on an upcoming advanced feature for Chrome. The new feature will automatically direct the users away from unsafe or insecure sites. The insecure sites generally use HTTP, which Google Chrome will direct away, and instead, it will prioritize sites that utilize HTTPS. The Search Giant has always supported the utilization of HTTPS since 2018 and has marked all HTTP sites as unsafe inside the browser.

Google began warning users about the insecure forms for websites using HTTP to prevent users from providing any sensitive information like bank details. However, the company is planning to add a new feature called HTTPS Only Mode in the upcoming version as per a new post on the Chromium Gerrit site.

HTTPS Only Mode in Google Chrome

HTTPS Only Mode is a unique feature that will upgrade the connections of users while browsing the web. It will ensure that all the links that the user is visiting are secure, which is completely opposite to HTTP mode or the insecure mode. When users visit a website that supports HTTPS, they will see a lock present in the address bar. However, it is true that many sites still do not provide the secure version by default, but the HTTPS only mode will make sure that the page the users are browsing is safe all the time.

Once the HTTPS-only mode gets available in Chrome, a new toggle will be introduced that will show Always use secure connections. This toggle will be added to the security settings under the Advanced heading of the browser. If the toggle is switched on, then Google will upgrade all the navigations automatically to HTTPS and will warn users before loading websites that do not support it.

By default, the toggle will be disabled in Chrome. But, Chrome, in general, uses HTTPS until and unless one types out http:// while entering the URL of a website in the address bar of the browser. However, if the HTTPS version or the secure version of a site is not available, Google Chrome will show a warning page before directing back to HTTP. Google Chrome will then save any site where the users allow to bypass HTTPS Only Mode, and it will not ask users next time when they visit the site again. The mode is still in development and is not likely to arrive until Chrome version 93 or 94 releases.


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