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HomenewsAirstrike in Ethiopia’s Tigray Market Cause Heavy Casualties

Airstrike in Ethiopia’s Tigray Market Cause Heavy Casualties

Several people were killed, and dozens of people were injured after an airstrike in the northern region of Ethiopia’s Tigray hit a market. As per the eyewitnesses, the air force of Ethiopia struck the town of Togoga on June 22, just 25 kilometers from the capital of the region, Mekelle. The military of Ethiopia denied targeting any civilians saying that they carried out the strikes in order to neutralize terrorists.

Rebel forces of Tigray have made several advances in recent days. But the Ethiopian government has denied all such advances. The ICRC or International Committee of the Red Cross told it had evacuated the wounded. At the same time, the United Nations called on Ethiopia to invest in the airstrike reported. After the conflict raised in Ethiopia eight months ago, thousands of people have died to date.

Losses Due to Air Strike

In Mekelle’s main Aider hospital, a doctor said that over 40 people were injured, and a minimum of 60 people was killed. There is uncertainty as well as fear that the numbers will elevate further. As per doctors, they are treating as many people as possible and also doing the treatment of a two-year-old child who got injured due to the airstrike.

Some medical personnel has told that the Ethiopian military has restricted them from reaching the site to help many who are left behind. A spokeswoman said that they have never done an airstrike on a market place and the army is fully capable of hitting targets accurately. They conducted such strikes only on certain targets. The army in Ethiopia said that the strikes were only against the military targets.

Background to the Conflict

The government in Ethiopia took the support of the troops from neighboring country Eritrea and launched an offensive in the year 2020 to remove the then ruling party, TPLF, of the region.

By the end of November 2020, the government declared its victory.  The then PM Abiy Ahmed and TPLF had a huge fallout, and since that time, the TPLF has joined forces with several other groups to form the rebel group named Tigray Defence Force.

Ethiopia’s government has blamed all the suffering on the Tigray’s People Liberation Front, which is accused of attacking the military command post in 2020. However, all the sides are accused of continuing war crimes, and as per the humanitarians, hundreds and thousands of people in the Tigray region are witnessing famine conditions.


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