Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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US Republicans Block Election Bill of Democrats

The US Republicans have destroyed a democratic bid for implementing election rules nationwide, a great priority of the party of President Joe Biden. The bill which was proposed to make voting easier for Americans ended up in a deadlock of 50-50 along party lines. As per Biden, the problem was the fight for his presidency. However, few Democrats accused him of not trying hard enough. The advocates have said that after the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the bills the most far-reaching measures of elections.

In March 2021, the Democrats’ For the People Act got passed in the House of Representatives with a near party-line vote where one Democrat joined all Republicans for opposing the bill. However, 60 votes are required in the 100-member Senate for advancing legislation, and the two parties in the upper chamber split the vote in 50-50, which provided no majority. Kamala Harris, US Vice-President who has been given the task of pushing election reforms by the White House, presided over the chamber when the bill failed. After the vote, she said that the fight is not over.

Democrats Accused the President of Not Fighting Hard Enough

The party of the President argued that the 900-page proposal was dangerous for the democracy and would prevent access to voting to the black voters. A few Democrats accused Joe Biden of not promoting the bill energetically enough. A New York Congressman, Jamaal Bowman, said that the President is not absent but requires to be more vocal about the bill.

Charles Schumer, a Senate Democratic leader, said before the vote that they are not going to let state legislatures drag them back into the puddle of voter suppression. But the Republicans have said that the package was a power grab of Federal against the individual US states’ authority to ensure their own election integrity. It is clearly designed for the benefit of Democrats.

The legislative difficulties of the bill have reinvigorated the calls of the Democratic party to eliminate the tactics of the filibuster and allow legislation to pass the bill with a 51 votes majority. Democrats themselves utilized the filibuster to block bills of Republicans during Trump’s presidency. For a long time, if the filibuster remains intact, then it may put a question mark over the political agenda of the US president, Mr. Biden. The Democratic Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley tweeted that abolishing the filibuster will help them to work for the people.


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