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NATO warns of military challenge posed by China

In the recent a NATO meeting for a summit in Brussels, the NATO leaders have issued a warning against military threat posed by China, calling its behaviour a systematic challenge. They said that China was increasingly adding to its nuclear arsenal and was opaque about its military modernisation and was co-operating militarily with Russia.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said that China alone was matching up to NATO on the military and technological front. It was also made clear that a new Cold War with China was not wanted.

NATO is a strong military and political alliance between 30 European and North American countries that was established after World War Two as a response to the threat of communist expansion.

On social media platform, Twitter, China’s mission to the EU accused NATO of defaming China’s peaceful development and says that China was committed to a defence policy that is defensive in nature.

In the same tweet, it was mentioned that China would not pose any kind of systematic challenge to anyone but would also not just sit if systematic challenges came closer to the country.

In recent years, the NATO alliance has been subject to strain as leaders have questioned its purpose and funding.

Tensions have grown since the presidency of Donald Trump who complained about the financial contributions of the country to the alliance and questioned the US commitment to defend European partners. Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s successor attended his first NATO meeting after taking office and has assured to reassert backing on the part of America for the 72-year alliance.

Mr. Biden exclaimed that NATO was extreme important for the US and its interests and the alliance had a sacred obligation to observe Article 5 of its founding treaty, which demands commitment from members to defend each other from attack.

At his forthcoming summit with Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday, he described the Russian president as a “worthy adversary.”

In a recent development, the NATO leaders have agreed to pay to keep Kabul airport running in Afghanistan, as the US along with its allies withdraw troops from the country. Alliance member Turkey has offered to guard and operate the airport after troops leave.

NATO has been paying extra focus on China currently because of China’s stated ambitions and unruly vehement behaviour that present systematic challenges to the rules-based international order and areas relevant to the security of the alliance. The alliance is concerned with the country’s regular lack of transparency in military matters and use of disinformation.


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