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McDonald’s becomes latest company to be hit by data breach

The latest company to be hit by data breach is the popular fast food chain McDonald’s in South Korea and Taiwan. Few days back, unauthorized activity on its network revealed the personal details of some customers in the two countries. The details included names, emails and phone numbers of some delivery customers.

After the information leak, the burger chain said that they had quickly identified and curbed the incident and that a thorough investigation was in process. They also mentioned that post identification, the access was promptly closed off. Only a small number of files that contained personal data were exposed.

McDonald’s said that according to their investigation, only South Korea and Taiwan data personal data had been accessed and they would be notifying the regulators and the customers who may have been impacted. Any sort of customer payment information was not exposed.

The Wall Street Journal, the first channel to report the news, reported that a data breach also affected McDonald’s operation in the United States where data had been accessed, including restaurant information, such as square footage, but no sensitive or personal information regarding customer or employee data had been leaked.

The business at its restaurants remained unaffected as the breach did not involve a ransomware attack in which hackers demand payment to return control of data and operations to companies. Neither was McDonald’s asked for ransom, nor did it pay money to any hackers.

The chain has said that it will look into studying the investigator’s findings along with inputs from security resources and identify ways to further improve its existing security measures.

It also revealed that the increased investment in cybersecurity defence mechanisms on its part in the previous years helped it battle the recent attack. The hackers were cut off soon after the breach was identified.

With the pandemic looming large and businesses all around the world being dependent on virtual modes of communication, businesses across various sectors are being targeted and exploited by cyber criminals, including some very high-profile cases too.

Last week, JBS SA, world’s largest meat processing company revealed that it lost around $11 million to hackers who cracked into its computer system in May, 2021.

Colonial Pipeline, which transports around half of the fuel consumed on the East Coast suffered a loss of 75 bitcoin valued at approximately $4.4 million in hope of getting its system running smoothly online again.

Last week, even Volkswagen reported that an illegal third party got access to limited personal information about customers and prospective buyers from a vendor used by its Audi and Volkswagen brands as well as some U.S. and Canada-based dealers for digital sales and marketing. Around 3 million customers were affected.


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