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G7 Leaders to Commit Using All Resources for Unveiling Global Anti-Pandemic Plan

G7 leaders are expected to disclose the anti-pandemic plans on June 12 and are committed to utilizing all the resources for ensuring that the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic is never repeated in the future. On the summit’s second day in Cornwall, they are going to issue a declaration that includes a series of measures intending to achieve this result. The aim is to cut down the time needed for developing vaccines to under 100 days.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, on June 11, opened the summit with a pledge to tackle global inequality. Mr. Johnson committed that the UK will donate over 100 million Covid vaccines to the poor countries by the end of 2022, while Joe Biden promised to donate 500 million vaccine doses of Pfizer to 92 low as well as middle-income nations along with the African Union. However, some campaigners and charities have criticized the scale of the plan of the UK, under which only 5 million doses will be given out within September and 25 million doses by the end of 2021 while the remaining will be provided during 2022.

Mr. Johnson, who is conducting the three-day gathering at Carbis Bay’s Cornish seaside resort, said that it was important to learn from the 2008 mistakes of the financial crisis and deal with the scar of inequality.

Measures to Be Unveiled

Carbis Bay Declaration will be issued by the G7 leaders after the special session on June 12, which will set out plans for preventing any repetition of economic or human devastation wreaked by Covid-19. More than 175 million people across the globe have gone through the infection since the outbreak happened. Over 3.7 million deaths occurred due to Covid, as per the Johns Hopkins University of America.

The G7 declaration will reflect a series of concrete measures, including the cutting down of time taken for preparing and licensing vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for any disease in the future under 100 days. It also spells out to reinforce genomic sequencing capacity and global surveillance networks. Moreover, the declaration included support for reforming or strengthening the WHO or World Health Organization.

The declaration is anticipated to incorporate recommendations mentioned in a report by a group of experts in the field, government, and scientific institutions. WHO director Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus and UN Secretary-General António Guterres will also take part in the session on June 12.

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