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Singapore to Ease COVID19 Rules in Two Phases and Other International COVID News

Singaporean Government said on June 10 that they would ease some of the social restrictions that were strictly taken to contain the outbreak of coronavirus. After nearly a month of stringent measures, the people will now be able to gather but within a group of five. The city-state also stated that the government would maximize its vaccination campaign by allowing all the Singaporeans at the age of 12 or above to register for shots starting from June 11. They are planning to extend the eligibility of the remaining population in the upcoming months.

The announcement was made a day after the country of 5.7 million people recorded only two new coronavirus cases, the least number in months. After an outbreak at the international airport of Singapore resulted in dozens of infections in mid-May, the government restricted gatherings or dining in restaurants of more than two people.

The Health Ministry said that they have decreased the chains of transmission and lessened the number of community cases through tight measures. Now the government is in a position to ease the measures a little bit. The ministry further added that people would be allowed to have a gathering of five, and gyms, as well as restaurants, will be permitted to open again to the customers in a week or so, only if the cases remain low.

About one-third of Singaporeans are completely vaccinated, and it is one of the highest rates in entire Asia. But the nation kept its cases low by making masks compulsory, strictly tracing contacts, and restraining overseas travel. The further lifting of restrictions will depend on the number of people getting vaccinated, said the officials.

Other COVID news across the globe

Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, is going to restrict access to restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, and other public areas to those who are vaccinated against the coronavirus and to those who have tested negative. The new rules were announced on June 9 as the cases in UAE increased daily. The restrictions will also apply to hotels, gyms, parks, beaches, swimming pools, cinemas, and museums, said Abu Dhabi’s media office.

The vaccination confirmation app of Germany was introduced on June 10, nearly half a year after the vaccinations started there. The application is called CovPass and will present a QR code confirming that the user is completely vaccinated.


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