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Decline in vaccination rates – Threat to Biden’s July 4th goal

Declining vaccination rates in The United States are sabotaging President Joe Biden’s set milestone of vaccinating at least 70% of American adults by July 4. The country is currently standing on an average of fewer than 1 million shots per day, which is lower than two-thirds from the peak of 3.4 million in April, as per The Washington Post’s analysis of seven days, despite all adults and children over age 12 now being eligible.

Adding to that, public health experts have started to worry that Southern states with lowest immunization numbers could see a rise in cases over the next few months. The people showing up for getting vaccinated at clinics around the country are outnumbering the small teams of health workers and volunteers being put to work.

The plunge in vaccination rates is nationwide with each state down at-least two-thirds from its highest rate. This effect is being felt especially in the states of Utah, Oklahoma, Montana, the Dakotas and West Virginia where the number of vaccination shots have fallen below 15 daily shots per 10,000 residents. In Alabama, this number is worse with just four people per 10,000 residents being vaccinated in the course of last week.

The sharp decline began in mid-April when the temporary suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine came into place after it reported rare blood-clotting reactions. The decline has continued since then with only 2.4 million adults being able to get their first shot last week. In order to meet Biden’s July 4 goal, 4.2 million adults must be vaccinated per week, as reported by The Post.

There are a lesser number of people who absolutely voluntarily want to get vaccinated without being pushed. This is the group of people that will be needed to go out there and spread the message of the importance of getting the shot for themselves and their families.

According to findings of certain polls, roughly one-third of Americans do not plan on getting vaccinated in the near future because they are sceptical about the side-effects. Others ar delaying it by saying that the number of cases in The United States have decreased.

Amidst all this, The New York Group has reported some good news: 70 percent of the adults in the Northwest including Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut have already received their first shot.

With restrictions easing across the country, state health officials are concerned about the increased vulnerability of their residents towards the virus. The seriousness towards getting jabbed has also dropped with many Americans in warmer climates keeping indoors where the risk of the virus spreading increases manifold, as reported by The Times. Although experts are sure that if summers escalate across the South, the spread of virus won’t be as rapid as last year owing to the fact that some of the population has been vaccinated now and treatments have been improved. To accomplish the goal, the vaccination process is being accelerated.


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