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Vice-President Kamala Harris is Under Intense Pressure to Visit the US-Mexico border

Kamala Harris, Vice president of the US, faced pressure to travel to the US-Mexico border as she tackled a record migration spike on her first official trip abroad. A difficult conversation happened with a journalist when Ms. Harris was asked about the reason for her not visiting the US southern boundary. The members of Harris’s own democratic party began criticizing her after she warned against the illegal immigration of people.

During a visit to Mexico, she stated that Washington targeted to improvise the economic development in the region. Ms. Harris, along with Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has said to the reporters that it is a mutual interest of both the countries to address the core causes of the migration happening there. Around 178,000 undocumented migrants came to the US southern border, making it the highest number in more than two decades.

The staff of the vice president initially said the border was also a part of a portfolio of Ms. Harris when president Joe Biden assigned her in March for stemming migration from Latin America. However, the assistants are recently making her stay away from the politically toxic crisis. At a recent interview, when Ms. Harris was asked about her plans of visiting the border, she threw her arms, saying that at some point, she might have to go to the border, and she has been to the border. On further questioning about her not visiting the region, she said that she has not been to Europe either, and the reporter’s point is difficult to understand.

The vice president brushed up all the questions asked to her about the border. On her trip, she met President López Obrador having a private conversation for more than an hour, the aides said. It is quite unclear whether she pushed the president of Mexico for doing more to detain migrants on the way to the US. Earlier, Mr. Obrador blamed Joe’ Biden’s administration for causing the surge in undocumented migration.

The Reason for Democrats Criticising Harris

The harsher remarks of Ms. Harris warning immigrants that if they cross the border, they will be returned back were severely lashed out by the democrats. The New York city influential congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, called the remarks utterly disappointing. Also, the fellow members of her bilateral group named Squad criticized that she herself is the daughter of a migrant.

When the vice president was asked about the criticism, she said that now she only has to handle the root causes of migration, and that is her hope.


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