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Russian Court Bans Extremist Political Organisations linked with Alexei Navalny

An organization founded by Alexia Navalny, an opposition leader, has pledged to fight against corruption after it was banned by a court in Moscow calling them extremist. The Anticorruption Foundation tweeted that they will continue to fight against corruption and mocked the public danger reflected in the Russian judicial system.

The Moscow court outlawed the organization, and the European Union called the decision taken unfounded. It shows one of the most serious attempts of the Russian Government to suppress the anti-corruption investigation and independent political opposition. It is also an effort to eliminate the influence of the political networks of Navalny ahead of the State Duma elections in the month of September, said Joseph Borrel, EU foreign affairs chief.

The US State Department criticized the action calling it disturbing and said that it was a way of restraining the fundamental rights in Russia. Russia responded to the criticism saying that Navalny was an agent working for the United States. They show such zeal as it touches those whom they oversee, those whom they politically supported, and in other ways, said the foreign ministry spokeswoman of Russia.

‘Extremist’ Tag Carries Prison Terms

As per the ruling of the Moscow city court, the people associated with the foundation of Navalny for fighting corruption and people from his regional networks will have serious implications. Under this decision, the associates of Navalny who hoped to run for seats in parliament in the upcoming September election will be restricted from seeking office. As the court called the organization of Navalny extremist, this could also mean prison terms for all the people who worked under them. The people who have been dedicated to the groups are also at risk of witnessing prison time as well. However, the associates of the opposition leader are committed to continuing their work.

Lawyers to Appeal the Court Ruling

The court session ran for around 12 hours or longer and was conducted behind closed doors by the justification that only classified materials would be discussed. The court judge also rejected the defense appeal that requested to allow Navalny to take part through video link from the prison. Navalny’s lawyers said that they are planning to appeal the ruling. Vladimir Putin, who has remained in power for more than two decades, has sought to again defend his title with the presidential election ahead in 2024.


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