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Missiles Aimed at US Military Soldiers at the Airport, Contractors in Iraqi Army Bases

Several rockets targeted two Iraqi army bases hosting foreign contractors and US-led coalition soldiers, said the military and security officials of Iraq. Three rockets hit at Balad airbase in the north of Baghdad on 9th June without causing any damage or casualty, as stated by the Iraqi military. The base mostly consisted of foreign contractors. The security officials said that after nearly an hour, at least one missile got hit close to the army base next to Baghdad airport. However, it was quite unclear whether the explosion occurred due to a rocket or a drone attack.

One of the Iraqi officials said that they have listened to two rockets strike and the preliminary findings implied that it might have been caused by a drone attack. A trailer belonging to the US-led coalition was set on fire due to the strike. Although, they were zero causalities. The officials were also told to remain anonymous as they were not authorized to brief anything to the media.

No immediate claims were made about the responsibility of the attacks. However, the US has blamed earlier to the Iran-backed factions for such horrific acts. These strikes are the latest in a string continuing to aim at the US presence in Iraq. More than a dozen has targeted Iraqi army bases and the highly fortified Green Zone of Baghdad sin Joe Biden, the US president presumed office this year. Over ten people were killed, including two foreign contractors.

Rockets target on Iraqi Base Housing US contractors

Five rockets targeted at Balad airbase, and out of which, two of the projectiles fell near an area housed by US contractors but did not cause any severe damage. The airbase is used by a US company named Sallyport to service the F-16 fighter jets for the Iraqi air force and has been repeatedly targeted by rocket strikes.

Lockheed Martin, another US company, withdrew its staff from the military bases last month due to the concerns raising on the safety of the personnel. A minimum of three foreign contractors and an Iraqi subcontractor have been found wounded in strikes on Balad. US troops in Iraq remain as a part of the military coalition, which was established to combat the Jihadist Islamic State group. All these attacks are seen as a means for pressuring Washington to withdraw all its remaining personnel to whom Iran-backed factions view as an occupying force.


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