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Canada is Working on a Phased Approach for Reopening Borders to the Travellers

The government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working on a phased approach for welcome international visitors as the restrictions of COVID19 loosens. But the prime minister has said the current focus is on keeping Canadians safe from the fourth wave of deadliest coronavirus. All Visitors who are coming to Canada will only be allowed if they are fully vaccinated.

Federal officials have paid attention to limit the movement of non-essential travellers for more than a year. They have even banned certain direct international flights as variants of the coronavirus have elevated concerns. The prime minister said that he expects growing interest from the overseas travellers for coming to Canada as those restrictions are eventually going to ease. The high vaccination uptake rates and the low case counts have shown better results for Canada compared to some of its peer countries.

Anyone visiting Canada requires to be completely vaccinated before their arrival, and the country cannot risk another wave, said Trudeau during an afternoon event. He also said that the fourth wave of COVID19 would be devastating for the businesses as well as the morale of the country. He added the government will allow visitors when the case counts come down in their country, the US, and elsewhere in the world. The high terms of vaccination number are going to give reassurance to the people who want to travel but do not want to put their families at risk.

The prime minister told at a conference that he favours a gradual border restrictions relaxation and is discussing the ways to begin welcoming the tourists in a phased manner. The phased approach was one of the biggest recommendations from the government advisory panel report of the country. The report proposed that fully vaccinated travellers will be exempted from the 14-day quarantine period, and the three-day hotel quarantine for the passengers of the airline will be discontinued.

Border Re-opening plans of Canada

The Canada National Airlines Council and the Airlines of America sent a letter urging prime minister Trudeau to lay out a clear roadmap for the re-opening of air travel in the neighbouring countries. The letter asks for a complete plan to be announced by June 2021, at the same time when Canadian border measures may get renewed. There is certain good news for the visitors to be optimistic as a June reopening of the US-Canada border is possible.


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