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Work from Home – How to battle the lethargy?

After spending more than a year working from home due to Covid-19, some basic problems in terms of work, motivation and productivity on a personal level still remain.

The settling has offered multiple benefits like flexible working hours and greater savings. But the flip side has been more challenging with longer working hours, fewer breaks, lack of concentration and divided attention.

Languishing – the feeling of stagnation, emptiness and burnout despite having energy has been the common state of people globally. Staying focused and motivated has been a challenging task but a here are a few hacks that never go out of style to tackle this problem:

Correct Posture: According to a study by the private healthcare specialist Bupa in May, 2021, thousands for remote workers in the UK have been complaining of body aches and injuries. Lack of a proper workspace is the major cause of this medical problem. A good posture with a straight back is the way to go to avoid any added misery in the tough times

Procrastination: Lack of zest and languishing has been the mood of 2021. With the stress levels soaring, productivity has plummeted big time. A little bit of will power and accountability is the best way to solve this problem. Taking a break from the screen for a few minutes and some exercise actually helps sustain energy and improve concentration levels.

Using the dead time: Dead time is the time that used to be consumed while commuting to the office. Now with the work from home situation, ideally this time should be enough to give a head start to the day. But according to some US reports, the disrupted sleep pattern and in many cases, childcare responsibilities have eaten up this time leading to a worse routine.

Productivity coaches globally have suggested the use of visual cues like post it notes to help plan the day better and avoid ‘decision fatigue’ when the mind is too tired to make any decisions.

Get moving: With gyms being shut for over a year, the time, space and energy to scoop in a quick workout before or after work have seen a major crunch. Decreased physical activity has been leading to unwanted laziness and low productivity. To effectively tackle this lack of motivation, virtual workout sessions have been organised since the start of the lockdown. Not only do these sessions help in body movement but also lessen the feeling of loneliness owing to taking part in a group activity.

While everyone has their own way of getting their groove back, some of the proven and effective methods other than the ones talked about above are having a healthy to-do list, setting a routine, staying in touch with friends and family and accepting the distractions of working at home. Being cooped up at home might bring feelings of stagnation but the important part is to remember that we are sailing the same boat and shall come out stronger.


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