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Migrant chaos in UK- How is the situation worsening?

The UK is facing migrant chaos since more than 1600 migrants arrived in the country after illegally crossing the English Channel in May, 2021 – approximately more than double the number of last year May.

The highest number of migrants in a single day this year has been 209 people in nine boats. In total, more than 1850 people have arrived in the UK by boat in 2021 up till now.

As per the board officers, unruly smugglers have been trying to attract more migrants to invade through the English Channel on boats that is quite a risky journey.

The department claims that it has been working to break the chain of smugglers and illegal travelers who are risking their lives to carry out such a perilous journey.

The Home Officer has also claimed that 132 migrants crossed the channel on 3rd June, 2021.

This gave impetus to larger groups of people as the weather has started to warm up and seas have become relatively calmer.

Everyday since last month, boats have been intercepted by the UK authorities. A vessel with 17 people entered the channel on 5th June, 2021 with 71 more people travelling in three boats on Monday.

With the crisis getting out of hand, the Home Officer confirmed French authorities stopping 3600 prospective travelers from making the journey so far in 2021. 65 prosecutions regarding small boats have also been secured since the beginning of the year.

Home Secretary Priti Patel vowed to make the crossing “unviable” and has plans to make the overhaul more difficult for asylum seekers, as published in March, 2021. Under the plans, these asylum seekers won’t be enjoying the same privileges as compared to those entering legally.

Officials believe that the recent surge is because of two reasons- firstly, the illegal immigrants were supposed to be returning to safer places like the EU countries, but the nations abruptly refused them entry. Secondly, the rise in small boats trespassing the English Channel can be partially due to the reduction in the number of lorries travelling from French ports.

Majority of migrants arriving are being lodged at former army barracks in Folkestone, Kent, which was set ablaze in an uproar earlier in January this year during the coronavirus outbreak.

Asylum seekers are being permitted to enter and leave the camp. Adults are being interviewed before allotment of lodging centers across Britain that are being provided by private contractors in the UK. In the process of waiting on asylum applications, the migrants are being granted 37.75 pounds per week for basics like food, shelter, clothing and toiletries.

Normally, the Kent County Council takes solo children into its shelter but due to warnings by the UK border staff about the alarming situation, matters are supposed to be worsening. According to Lucy Merton, Officer, ISU immigration, the Border Force Staff are facing the pressure and multiple threats from the arriving groups, but the groups will be provided with accommodation.


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