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FAD Diets – Are they really worth it in the long run?

Who doesn’t want to look good? But more importantly, who doesn’t want to look good with minimum efforts and maximum results? The start of every New Year marks the start of making decisions to be happier, healthier and being more kind towards oneself. It also marks the start of most people making resolutions to be fitter and shed those extra kilos off. Ironically, majority of people making the latter resolution want to see results, and they want to see them fast!

So the first week at the gym is accompanied by sore muscles, a low-carb diet and highintensity interval training. But has intensity ever been able to beat consistency and patience? This is where most of us forget the former resolution of being kind to ourselves, get wearied with pulling up those socks, eating that salad and fall for bogus fad diets.

Now while these fad diets may start showing evident results in a short span of time with absolutely negligible physical effort, the problem is that instead of aiding in making a positive lifestyle change, these diets drastically change eating habits that result in quick weight loss but are difficult to stick to once the weight goal has been achieved. Not just that, most of these diets, once they are successfully completed, eventually lead to gaining all the lost weight back because – “ I stuck to a diet for so long, now I can finally eat whatever I want to. Plus, what difference will a slice of pizza make?” And has anyone ever stopped at a single slice of pizza after a six months reunion? I don’t think so!

The physical changes with fad diets are there, but in maximum cases, they are not always there! The changes can be very temporary and going back to a normal diet after the fad diet can be very upsetting – physically, mentally and even biologically. Forget about the post-diet phase, majority of people, even during fad diets are not happy with what they are eating and ultimately quit, leading to a drastic change in body chemistry, an unbalanced diet and a lasting feeling of depression and low self-confidence. Amidst an already stressful schedule, the pressure of sticking to a fad diet can be all the more stressful.

Want to achieve the latter resolution? A little bit of will power, nutritious and healthy meals, your favourite pizza with portion control and an hour-long brisk walk on a regular basis will check not only the latter resolution but also the former. After all, consistency over intensity always!

Just some simple additions to the everyday life like eating a variety of foods, saying no to fad fats, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, some exercise, cleaning out the kitchen and avoiding empty calories like sodas and processed fruit drinks can go a long way. After all, the body is out temple and no second person can nurture it better than one-self.


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